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Mother’s Day Interview (& Grandmother, too!)

Posted on Apr 30, 2014 in Printables | 2 comments

printable mother's day interview (and grandmother!)

For the past few years, my husband has helped my oldest daughter fill out an interview about me for Mother’s Day.  I LOVE reading the answers and seeing myself through my daughter’s eyes.  I know I will cherish these interviews for years to come.  I’m especially looking forward to seeing the interview this year because she can write the answers in her own handwriting for the first time!

Since I plan to keep these interviews as mementos, I wanted to dress up the actual design and make the interview page a little prettier.  I also wanted to make one that my daughter could fill out for her grandmothers.

Teachers, Dads, grandparents – please print this and help your child(ren) fill out this interview for the special women in their life!

Moms  – send this link as a hint to someone who will help your child fill out this interview for you!  (Even if the interview isn’t a surprise, the answers will be!)

Mother’s Day Interview (printable .pdf)

Mother’s Day Interview – GRANDMOTHER (printable .pdf)


  1. Hello! I just LOVE your Mom and Grandmother interview idea! I went to print up the Grandmother one for my kids to do for Mother’s Day and although the Title is changed to Grandmother, the bottom questions still say “Mom”. It just looked a little funny to me, is there any way you could change or fix this? Thank you so much! Love your stuff!

    • It is fixed! I’m glad you enjoy the interview!

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